Pablo Helguera is a New York based artist working with installation, sculpture, photography, draw- ing, socially engaged art and performance. Helguera’s work focuses on a variety of topics ranging from history, pedagogy, sociolinguistics, ethnography, memory and the absurd, in formats that are widely varied including the lecture, museum display strategies, musical performances and written fiction. His seminal publication, Education for Socially Engaged Art, has been used widely among art students and practitioners working in their respective communities, including those taking part in this Symposium. Helguera has worked nationally and internationally, including the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Europe and Japan. You can read reviews of his work in Art in America, Art- forum, The New York Times, ArtNews, amongst others. Helguera has also been the recipient of various prestigious national and international awards. In 2008 he was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship and also was the recipient of a 2005 Creative Capital Grant. In 2011 he was named winner of the International Award of Participatory Art of the Region Emilia-Romagna in Italy. Helguera has worked since 1991 in a variety of contemporary art museums and since 2007 he has been the Director of Adult and Academic programs at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He has organised close to 1000 public events in conjunction with nearly 100 exhibitions. In 2010 he was appointed pedagogical curator of the 8th Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which took place in September, 2011. He is currently Senior Resident of Location One in New York.




Hilary Nicoll was born in London and brought up in Scotland, where she trained first as a fine artist, before moving in to arts management. She has worked for over 20 years in a variety of roles in the field, including for Glasgow City Council, Arts Council of England, as Director of Scottish Sculpture Workshop – a Scottish Arts Council funded organisation – and as a freelance consultant and project manager. Her experience is wide ranging and includes working with small scale voluntary organisations at a grassroots level to develop and deliver arts projects, organisational change, artistic programming and capital development planning, as well as national strategic projects. Most recently she has enjoyed working for Creative Scotland on a 3 1/2 year long action research project, that involved mapping, consultation, analysis, evaluation and report production

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